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The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Artist’s Website

According to the 2012 Enterprising Artist Survey we hosted here on Right Brain Rockstar, over 40% of nearly 1000 respondents said they either didn’t have their own website, or they had one but it was not relevant or up-to-date.

This came as a real surprise to me. As an artist in the information age, your website is the cornerstone of your online world, so you need to first make sure that you have a website, and at the same time make sure that it does its job effectively.

Getting a website set up can be tricky if you have no experience in it, but I’m here to help. I’ve been designing and building websites professionally for over 6 years, and I’ve learnt a lot about what makes an effective artist’s website.

I’m currently working on a comprehensive guide that will teach artists how to save a ton of money by building their own website quickly and easily.

This guide will show you what I consider to be the best way for an artist to set up a website, without spending a lot of money, and without spending months learning how to code a website from scratch.

A website on its own however, is not going to promote and sell your work for you. That’s something you’ll have to do yourself after the website is built, so this guide also includes specific advice on how to get people to your website, and more importantly, keep them coming back.

I was going to sell this guide as an eBook, but instead I’ve decided to give all the information away for free, so I’ll be publishing the guide right here as a series of blog posts over the coming weeks, starting with…

Part 1: An Introduction to Building Your Own Artist’s Website

– Learn why every artist should have one, as well as the essential ingredients of any artist’s website.

Part 2: Getting Your Web Hosting & Domain Name Set Up

– How to get your web hosting and domain name set up for your website quickly and easily, at minimal cost.

Part 3: Choosing a Website Platform

– Why WordPress is really the only sensible choice.

Part 4: Website Design (coming soon)

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