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Are You Where You Are Meant to Be?

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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a fun and relaxing break.

The New Year is a great time for reflecting on the year gone by, evaluating our current situation and looking for opportunities for self-improvement in the year ahead.

Now that the festivities are over and most of us are back at work, how are you feeling about your current work situation? Are you excited to go back to work, or does it give you a serious case of the New Year’s blues? Are you resigned to the fact that you will continue to do a job you hate, living only for the weekends, and the thought of that distant summer holiday that will let you escape from the tedious grind for another week or two?

I recently posted a list of eight eleven awesome free guides you should read before you embark on your creative career.

In one of those guides – Take This Job and Shove It – Tyler Tervooren suggests that the reason so many people are miserable in their jobs is because of a single constant nagging thought: “This is not where I am meant to be.”

I have had that thought many times throughout my life. Sorting needle guards in a plastics factory: This is not where I am meant to be. Studying through the night for a subject I have no interest in: This is not where I am meant to be. Entering long lists of numbers into a database for hours on end: This is not where I am meant to be.

Fortunately, I have always had the motivation to eventually make a change and look for a better situation, and I’m finally starting to feel like I know where I am meant to be. But a lot of us get used to not being where we are meant to be, and we start to accept it as inevitable.

Take a good look at your current work situation, and ask yourself the question: Is this where I am meant to be? 

If the answer is yes, congratulations! If the answer is a resounding NO, then that’s fine too, because at least you’re aware of it and you can start to do something about changing it.

It could be that you have no idea where you are meant to be. I think that’s the case for a lot of us, and the reason why so many of us remain in jobs we hate. If we knew what we really wanted to do, then we would do it, but while we’re not sure of our true calling, we see no choice but to keep doing what we’re doing, even though it makes us miserable.

If you know you’re not where you are meant to be, but you feel stuck because you don’t know where you should be, you’re in luck, there’s a guide for that! Jonathan Mead’s 7 Keys to Discovering Your Passion gives you some great tips for finding out what you are passionate about, so that you’ll start to realise exactly where you are meant to be.

Once you know that you’re not where you are meant to be, and you have a good idea of where you would like to be, all that remains is to do something about it!

Are you where you are meant to be? Are you struggling because you don’t know where you are meant to be? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

5 Comments on Are You Where You Are Meant to Be?

  1. Emma says:

    This is really thought provoking – I am most definitely not where I am meant to be, based on the above criteria! However as you say, that’s ok, and my focus now needs to be making 2012 a year where I change things, so that this time next year (or earlier!) I can say confidently that what I am doing and where I am working, are more in line with my true passions and values. I don’t see my current situation as failure though – in my case, I think I needed to do what I am doing, to discover that it was not the right thing for me long term. I am still glad I had the experience. Thanks Dan!

    • Dan Johnson says:

      That’s a really good point about failure. Very few people will go through their lives doing exactly what they want to do at all times. Often we need to experience something in order to find out that it’s not for us. As Edison said – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” The only failure is if you learn nothing from your past experiences.

  2. jonknep says:

    Great one Dan. This is a great question to ask as long as you are ready for the answer and to act. I’m glad you are making the moves to get where you are meant to be.

    As for me, I’m at the in between stage I’d say. I know where I am meant to be and have a plan to get there, but I’m still in the tween zone. It’s a hard place to be sometimes. It’s a better alternative than not moving forward at all though ha.

    • Dan Johnson says:

      Thanks Jon. Yeah, I think I’m in the same zone as you! Hard work, but a lot more rewarding than staying still.

  3. Drea says:

    I gotta say, I’m so glad I’m not the ONLY one who’s sitting here contemplating this thought process. Work, school, and endless hamster wheels for years. Now if I could just stumble upon what it is that is what I need to do/be, I would be a lil happier. I know what makes me tick… but to find a way to do it without years of school!

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