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Right Brain Roundup: March 2012

Image courtesy of Patrick Hoesly

Here’s my pick of the best art and creativity articles from the last month.

Where Do the Best Ideas Come From?

Creative Something

We artists tend to be solitary folks, probably enjoying our own company more than the average Joe (or Jane). But as Tanner points out, the best way to form great ideas is through group discussions. If you’re lacking in inspiration, maybe you need to get out of your studio and put your head together with some like-minded creative people.

Hustle your way to getting press attention around your artwork

Work Your Art

Getting a few more Twitter followers is one thing, but if you really want some publicity, you need to get some serious press attention. In this post, Debbie gives some great suggestions for hustling your way to getting press attention, without forking out for an expensive PR consultant.

Your Dreams Are Within Reach: Artist Interview With Matt LeBlanc

Right Brain Rockstar

Yes, this is one of my posts, but it got such great feedback from so many people who were inspired by Matt’s interview, that I wanted to tell you about it again, in case you missed it the first time round. Matt is living proof that if you put your mind to it, you can make a successful career for yourself as an artist.

Overcoming Doubt and Fear

Empty Easel

Do you ever get that restless feeling of doubt deep in the pit of your stomach? The one that constantly asks “am I good enough”. Aniko Makay has some great techniques for keeping the doubt at bay, including putting your over-developed¬†procrastination skills¬†to good use for once!

If you’ve read any other outstanding articles this month, let us know about them in the comments below.

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  1. Emma says:

    I read a great article from Zen Habits all about seizing the moment and just doing something to take a proactive step towards your goal. So many of us (myself included) struggle with procrastination of one form or another, usually because we feel inadequate or are afraid of doing something less than perfectly. This article encourages us to overcome the excuses and take a step. I think the principles apply to most areas of our lives, especially making big changes like a career change, which is why I am mentioning it here.

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