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Calling all Creative Entrepreneurship Bloggers – We Need Your Help!

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Update: The results of the survey have now been analysed, and you can read more about them and download a report here.

As of 16th February, confirmed participating blogs include Artist Career Training, Skinny Artist, Purple Panda, Cult Status Creative Studio, Michele Fawcett, Artsy Shark, The Abundant Artist, Art Palaver, The Paint BoxFine Art TipsArt Blog ActionMeylahArt Biz BlogMelissa Dinwiddie, The Creative Entrepreneur, and Roaerie Studioin addition to the hosts, Right Brain Rockstar and Artonomy)

Do you blog about how to make a living from your creativity, how to succeed as a self-employed artist, or how to run your own arts and crafts business? If so, then please read on…

The art community today is very different from how it was just 10 or 15 years ago.

More and more artists and other creative individuals are realising that ‘starving artist’ is a myth, and it’s not impossible to make a successful living from your creativity in the modern world.

As bloggers who write about surviving and thriving as self-employed artists (or what we might call creative entrepreneurship), we interact with professional and aspiring artists on a daily basis, but there is still a lot we don’t know about the creative community as a whole.

In order to raise our collective awareness and gain a deeper insight into the community, Right Brain Rockstar and Artonomy are hosting The Starving Enterprising Artist Survey.

(Update: we changed the name, because we don’t want to perpetuate the myth of the starving artist.)

As fellow creative entrepreneurship bloggers, we would love it if you would join us in spreading the word about the survey and encouraging as many arty folks as possible to take part so we can gain some real insights into the creative community.

What’s in it for you

Besides the immense satisfaction of doing a good deed and helping to unite the artistic community, if you’re interested in helping us spread the word, we’ll give you an advance preview of the survey questions. We’ll also share the survey results with you once it’s over (so you can blog about them if you wish) and give you recognition as a participant.

How to help

All we ask is that you write a short blog post asking your readers to participate in the survey on or after Monday 20th February 2012. The survey will be open to both professional and aspiring artists, so anyone who makes a living from their creative pursuits, or anyone who aspires to do so in future.

(Note: when we say artists, that doesn’t just mean people who draw and paint. Any kind of creative endeavour is fair game, be it photography, crafts, graphic design, music etc.)

The survey will start on Monday 20th February 2012. If you want to help, please read the details below, and drop me an email at dan[at]rightbrainrockstar[dot]com no later than Friday 17th February. (Or use the contact form.)

Thanks for your support!

Dan Johnson (Right Brain Rockstar)
Helen Aldous (Artonomy)

The Starving Enterprising Artist Survey

hosted by:

Right Brain Rockstar & Artonomy

Creative Entrepreneurship Bloggers, We Need Your Help!

What is The Enterprising Artist Survey?

The Survey is an opportunity to learn and understand more about the self-employed creative entrepreneur community (as well as aspiring creative entrepreneurs).

Do you ever wonder how artists earn most of their income and whether they do any other work to supplement their art sales? What about the challenges they face or the fears they have? What about how they use the internet, and whether they use a blog to promote their art?

These are the kind of questions we will get answers to with your help. Answers which we will share with the creative community to give us all a much deeper insight into the type of people who make up the community, as well as ideas for how we can better serve them in future.

Who is Participating?

You, we hope! We are very excited about the survey but we need help spreading the word so that we can reach the maximum number of potential participants.

(See the update at the top of this post for a list of confirmed participants.)

If you run or write for a blog that covers creative entrepreneurship or making a career out of your creativity, we would be eternally grateful if you would help us out by encouraging your readers to take the survey.

What you get for participating

A preview of the survey questions before it goes live
Complete access to the full survey results within 48 hours after the survey ends
Full rights to write about the survey and results on your blog
Recognition as a participating blog (your logo) on the survey site*
A mention in the press release about the survey*

* All blogs are welcome to participate, however we reserve the right to limit the number of blogs listed in the press release and on the survey site based on the content and profile of each blog.

Who can take the survey?

Anyone who considers themselves part of the creative entrepreneurship community can participate. We will have two versions of the survey, one for people who are already creative entrepreneurs, and one for people who aspire to be.

People who complete the survey will get access to a summary of the survey results 30 days after the survey is closed. They will also have the opportunity to be acknowledged for their participation (with a link to their Twitter page or website) in an upcoming post about the survey results at

How You Can Help Spread the Word

Get in touch with me on Twitter @rightbrainrocks or email me at dan[at]rightbrainrockstar[dot]com and let me know that you want to help out.

To get an early preview of the survey questions, access to the results and to have your blog’s logo included, all you need to do is write a short post on your blog (on or after Monday 20th February 2012) explaining what the survey is about and asking your readers to participate.

From Monday 20th February, the survey will be live at so you can use that URL when drafting your post.

Note: you can spread the word about the survey whenever you like, but to be included in the press release, you must get in touch with me by Friday 17th February.

If you have any questions at all about the survey, just leave a comment below, get in touch on Twitter, or drop me an email.

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