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Key Insights From The Enterprising Artist Survey

Enterprising Artist Survey

A couple of months ago we hosted The Enterprising Artist Survey here on Right Brain Rockstar, and now I’d like to share some of the findings with you.

I must apologise for keeping you waiting on this. I had intended to share these findings soon after the survey was completed. The reason it has taken longer than anticipated is because an unprecedented 954 people completed the survey!

That’s about 10 times what we were expecting, so obviously it was quite a bit of work to analyse all that data and compile it into a useful report. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for participating!

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. If you provided your details and asked to be mentioned, then you can find your name in the (extremely long) list below. (Compiling that list was a fun Excel learning experience!)

Survey Analysis

Since the results came in, a few of the 20 bloggers who helped to promote the survey have written their own interpretations of the findings:

The Abundant Artist

The Thriving Artist Survey Results – Cory Huff noticed that artists tend to get distracted by social media and suggested some alternative strategies that may be more effective.

Cory also noted that 32% of artists made less than 10% of their income from their art in 2011, yet more than 27% of artists expect that art will account for more than 90% of their income in 2012.

This is despite the fact that 40% of artist websites are irrelevant or out of date, and that 55% of artists say that understanding and choosing the best forms of marketing for themselves is their top challenge as an artist.

Not to mention the fact that many artists cited financial problems as one of their primary fears about being an artist.

Is this self-delusion, as Cory believes, or just good old-fashioned optimism? What do you think?

(Cory has more posts planned based on the survey, so keep an eye on his blog).

Roaerie Studio

Calling All Female Artists – Carla Stein was gratified to find that the survey results dispelled some of the stereotypes she used to hear about female artists from her art school instructors. 83% of respondents were female.

(Whether this is indicative of the art community as a whole or just that women are more inclined to complete surveys remains unclear!)


The Results – The Enterprising Artist Survey – Helen Aldous focuses on the positive insights, noting that the results seem to show that overall we know what we are doing artistically but need a little help and confidence to market our work to the world.

Note: I know some of the other bloggers have planned posts about the survey, so you might want to bookmark this post as I’ll update it with any new articles as I hear about them.

Other Key Findings

The Internet plays a huge role in the vast majority of artists’ work. 82% of artists use the Internet up to 20 hours per week for various art-related tasks including promotion/marketing, learning/research and networking.

Artists Internet Habits

Over 35% of artists either don’t have a website, or theirs  is not relevant and up-to-date. Difficulty understanding and choosing the right Internet marketing options is the main challenge cited in selling and promoting online.

Artist Websites

Artists on the whole struggle with promotion and marketing more than anything else. Social media and artists websites are by far the most commonly used online promotion methods (over 75%), whereas blogging and email/newsletters are only used by around half of respondents.

Artist Challenges

You can download the full report below, to see what other interesting stats came out of the survey.

It’s worth pointing out (as others already have), that this survey was not a scientific study and should not be interpreted as such. The survey was open to anyone, and so the results may not be 100% reliable. They do however give us some interesting insights into the overall state of the artistic community.

Download the Report

If you want to look at the findings in more detail, you can download a PDF report of the most significant results. I was going to have this as a ‘pay with a tweet’ download, but I don’t want to discriminate against non-tweeters. So I’m making it available to everyone. Click the following link to download the report:

The Enterprising Artist Survey Results  (PDF, 890kb)

And if you find the results interesting, I would really appreciate a tweet or a share.

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Have Your Say

What do you find most interesting about the findings of The Enterprising Artist Survey? Join the discussion in the comments below (scroll past the long list of names!)

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Thanks again to the following people for completing the survey!

Alicia Adanna (Visit website) @ZuriART
Rosemarie Adcock (Visit website) @rosemarieadcock
Cigdem Aksoy
Robyn Alatorre (Visit website)
John Alden (Visit website) @japhotoguy
Jo Allebach (Visit website)
Alex Alvis (Visit website)
Tracy Anderson (Visit website)
Linda Anderson (Visit website)
Keith Andrews (Visit website)
Garland Arnaud
Noble Artist (Visit website)
April Ashby (Visit website) @stellatadesign
Lesley Atlansky (Visit website) @latlansky
Sarah Atlee (Visit website)
Anna Ayres (Visit website)
Alicia Bailey (Visit website) @abecedarianbook
patricia baldwin seggebruch (Visit website) @pbsartist
Nancy Barry (Visit website)
Sandy Bartholomew (Visit website) @SandyBee
stephanie bartz (Visit website) @HeyBartzie
Catherine Bath (Visit website) @cathyfatimah
Andy Bauer (Visit website) @ArtByAndy
Mickey Baxter-Spade (Visit website) @MickeysArt
Sarah Bays (Visit website) @Thumb_print_ink
Lisa Sonora Beam (Visit website) @LisaSonoraBeam
Robert Bean (Visit website) @rbfineart
Ann Bean
Elias Beniflah (Visit website)
Laurie Bennett (Visit website) @sewmanydiapers
Teresa Beyer (Visit website)
Penney Bidwell (Visit website)
Helen Billett (Visit website) @MeringueInc
Robert Alan Black (Visit website) @Cre8ngAlan
Brad Blackman (Visit website) @bradblackman
Anne Catharine Blake (Visit website) @ACatharineBlake
Chris blevins (Visit website)
Sam L Boehner (Visit website) @samboehnerart
Mic Boekelmann (Visit website) @micbstudio
Tina Bohlman (Visit website) @tinabohlman
laura bolle (Visit website) @lbolle_artist
Deniece Bonner (Visit website) @ClarityArt
Lori Boocks (Visit website) @LoriAnneBoocks
Chris Book
Jill Booth (Visit website) @Austropicalart
Jason Bordash (Visit website)
Jana Botkin (Visit website)
Clare Bowditch (Visit website) @clarebowditch
Sara Bowen (Visit website) @rhubarbella
Fi Bowman (Visit website) @fibowman
Mary Lea Bradley (Visit website) @mlbradleyartist
Dennis Brady (Visit website) @Dennisbrady
Christine Brallier (Visit website) @cbmosaics
Yvonne Branchflower (Visit website)
Erika Brandner (Visit website) @Ekabo
Allison Bratt (Visit website) @AllisonBrattArt
claire Brewster (Visit website) @clairebrewster
Travis Brimner (Visit website)
Val Britton (Visit website)
Siobhan Brocklehurst (Visit website) @GemstoneOrchid
Carla Brooks (Visit website) @DeltaMoonSoap
Zachary Brown (Visit website) @ZacharyBrown
kyle bryant (Visit website) @thekbco
Jacqueline Bryant Campbell (Visit website) @Jbryantcampbell
Brenna Busse (Visit website)
Libby Bussinah (Visit website) @Libbys09
Pattie Byron (Visit website) @pattiebyron
KC Cali (Visit website) @kccaliartist
Nana Campana (Visit website) @nanacampana
Elissa Campbell (Visit website) @blueroofdesigns
Jean Cannon (Visit website)
Patricia Capracotta (Visit website) @AGreenGoddess
Patricia Carberry (Visit website)
Gwen Card (Visit website) @FrontPorchArt
Ruth Cardin (Visit website)
Mii Careta
Carole Carlson (Visit website)
KB Carpenter (Visit website)
Kathleen Carrier (Visit website) @katcarrier
Mike Carvin (Visit website) @craftyguy
Joseph Cavalieri (Visit website)
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Lindsay Cheesewright (Visit website) @FaerieMajikk
jamie chiarello (Visit website)
Elisa Choi (Visit website) @harmonythoughts
Roula Chreim (Visit website) @roulachreim
Carolyn Christensen (Visit website)
Joelle Circé (Visit website) @CirceArt
Lucy Clark (Visit website)
Corey Clark (Visit website) @clclark22
Violette Clark (Visit website) @violetteclark
MaryAnn Cleary (Visit website) @maryanncleary
Heather Clements (Visit website) @artheatherart
sam clift (Visit website) @sam_clift
raquel coelho
Annette Coleman (Visit website) @AnnetteColeman
Donyae Coles (Visit website) @okokno
Dean Collings (Visit website) @ProfsrD
dawn collins (Visit website) @ZetasAttic
Guy Combes (Visit website)
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Sarah Cooper (Visit website) @keepsakescrafts
Amber Coppings (Visit website) @Xmittens
Kathy Cousart (Visit website) @kathycousart
Amy Cox (Visit website) @none
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Amy Crook (Visit website) @amysnotdeadyet
Terry Cullen (Visit website)
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Heather Dakota (Visit website)
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Annie Draper (Visit website)
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Donna Iona Drozda (Visit website) @ionadrozda
Nan Drye (Visit website)
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Anna Walker (Visit website)
Daggi Wallace (Visit website)
Judy Fischer Walton (Visit website) @Judypainter
Ellen Walton (Visit website) @chaucee
Debby Wang (Visit website) @misswang
Ann Wardley (Visit website)
Edward Webber
Robin Weiss (Visit website) @robinpweiss
Jane Welsh (Visit website)
Kim Werfel (Visit website)
Bill Werle (Visit website) @werle3
Janine Whitling (Visit website)
Leah Wiedemer (Visit website) @roamingartist
Jay Wiese (Visit website) @jaywiese
Bridget Wilkinson (Visit website) @brid_wilkinson
Glenda Williams (Visit website)
Skaja Wills (Visit website) @SkajaW
Alicia Wishart (Visit website) @leash_wish
Brooke Witt (Visit website) @brookewittart
Maxine Wolodko (Visit website)
Jennifer Woodburn (Visit website) @JenWoodburn
Heather Woodson (Visit website)
Lori woodward (Visit website) @loriwords
Shannon Workman (Visit website) @shannonworkman
Gigi Wright (Visit website)
Joyce Wycoff (Visit website) @jwycoff
Yamile Yemoonyah (Visit website) @Yemoonyah
Linda Young (Visit website) @lyoungart
Laura Zerebeski (Visit website)
Claudia True (Visit website)
Antonio Basso (Visit website) @antoniobasso
A Bird in the Hand Art (Visit website) @BirdInHandArt
TeeJay (Visit website) @justteejay
kottavei (Visit website) @sagebelly
Gina (Visit website)
JanettMarie (Visit website) @janettmarie
Jolie (Visit website) @joliekg
andrea @amorgosaigiali
Wren (Visit website)
anjali (Visit website)

10 Comments on Key Insights From The Enterprising Artist Survey

  1. Janet Glatz says:

    I’m shocked! Can’t believe so many people who really, really want to sell their art don’t even keep their website up to date! Granted, it all takes time; not all of us has the luxury of spending eight hours a day on our art and marketing. However–MAKE A PRIORITY LIST! And website should be way up there, in my opinion.

  2. kathryn says:

    i didn’t find the fact that most people responding were women. i think there are more women artists then ever…just go to the outdoor art fairs in southern california, the percentage of women vendors is a lot higher. it was interesting to see the level of education…but i wonder if their degree was in art or they came upon art later in life after achieving a career in another field.

    i guess what surprised me is the income received for their art…would have thought it to be a lot higher. it would be interesting to find out what’s going on with that aspect of their business…is it a hobby for some, relying on a 9-5 job for income or married and therefore not needing to make much money. or from the age of the participants responding maybe they are retired and really don’t need to make a lot of money from their art, it’s more of a love of creating than selling?

  3. Great survey! It takes a lot of time to compile data like this. It’s very insightful and helps us to know where we fit into an industry that is sometimes hard to read.

  4. Joanie says:

    Thank you, Dan. And thank you too, for your generosity of spirit in posting a list of all the respondents and their websites. Classy move!

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